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Behind the Music

Anything But The Truth consists solely of John Kelly, who is a songwriter, producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. He has a clear knack for rich, lush, vocal arrangements and countermelodies, present on many of his songs. Musical arrangement is at times dramatic, and always pleasing. Drummer, Sean Cahalin, who also engineered the recording of the Multiverse Multichorus album, supplies most of the album's percussion.


So why, "Anything But The Truth"? As Kelly explains, "it was inspired by many things; one being the provocative twist on the familiar 'nothing but the truth'; it also reflects the unfortunate social reality of only hearing what we want to hear - blocking out contrary opinion even when that contrary opinion is very helpful for us to consider.  The end point of that stance is clear", says, Kelly. The track "Multiverse Multichorus" from which the album takes its name, captures that theme oh so well.  


Still, this is not the only motivating force behind Anything But The Truth's powerhouse of songs on the cleverly named, Multiverse Multichorus. Many espouse the saving grace and necessity of self-expression ("Shine"; "Never Too Late"). Others are just plain fun, creatively done ("One Way Ticket to The Vet");  others, tragically ironic ("Jimmy Get Your Gun"). Additional themes reflect nostalgia for lost friendships ("Gregory"), the desperation and potential dead end of addiction ("Needle in the Hay"; "Jigsaw Man"), the hope of resurrection and forgiveness ("Back Again"), as well as more straightforward affection ("No Doubt") -Kelly has it covered.  

Anything But The Truth's rock/pop and adult contemporary mix of lyrics and music makes a bold, dynamic, musical statement. The result is anything but ordinary - refreshing and thrilling - delighting fans old and new—and critics alike.

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